screen printing squeegee Gum

Screen Printing Squeegee Color :Red, pink, yellow, blue, green, coffee and etc. Also we could do as your requirement.Screen Printing Squeegee Edge selection.Screen Printing Squeegee Features&Good solvent-resistant and abrasion resistance.

screen printing squeegee Standard Size

Product Name Lenfth*With*Thickness Series Color Hardness
Polyurethane squeegee 4000*25*5 A1、A2、A3、A4、A5 Coffee 55A to 90A
4000*30*5 Coffee 55A to 90A
4000*35*5 Coffee 55A to 90A
4000*40*5 Red 55A to 90A
4000*50*5 Red 55A to 90A
4000*30*7 Green 55A to 90A
4000*35*7 Green 55A to 90A
4000*40*7 White 55A to 90A
4000*50*7 White 55A to 90A
4000*30*8 Rose red 55A to 90A
4000*40*8 Rose red 55A to 90A
4000*50*8 Light red tea 55A to 90A
4000*30*9 Light red tea 55A to 90A
4000*40*9 Yelloe 55A to 90A
4000*50*9 Blue 55A to 90A

Screen Printing Squeegee Color 
Red, pink, yellow, blue, green, coffee and etc. Also we could do as your requirement.
Screen Printing Squeegee Edge selection

Screen Printing Squeegee Features&Benifits

  • High Tolerance to UV Systems
  • Very good all round properties
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • High Cut Resistance
  • Free from additives for a cleaner print when using Sensitive Print

Screen Printing Squeegee Media

  • High Solvent Resistance
  • High tolerance to Plastisols

Screen Printing Squeegee Applications
High all round performance, ideal for use in a wide range of printing applications including:

  • Bottle
  • Ceramic
  • CD / DVD
  • Decal
  • Electronic / PCB
  • Glass
  • Graphic
  • Textile
  • Industrial
  • Solar / PV

HD series Screen Printing Squeegee
The standard formula design, good solvent resistance, and abrasion resistance, according to one of the testing of any single four blade can bear a print load, thousands of times more cost-effective outstanding; suitable for electronic, optical, ceramics, advertisement, liquid crystal display, membrange switch, glassware, textile and other all of screen printing, moderate price, suitable for any printing occasion, it is most widely used products for customers.

Screen Printing Squeegee Features
&Good solvent-resistant and abrasion resistance.
&Easy to grind, repeated use, cost saving.
&In solvent that has low expansion rate and less deformation.
&Good elasticity, which remained onthe screen of the pressure in the process of printing, male sure that printing precision.

MD series Screen Printing Squeegee
This product has the special design, the texture is extremely dense and strong, even after use it in the solvent for thousands of times, still could retain the edge full smooth, it suitable for large-scale automated production process, so as to ensure the convenience and security in the printing production. It has the good solvent-resistant and abrasion resistant and long life time in polyurethane products line; polyurethane squeegee with excellent comprehensive performance that praised by users.

Screen Printing Squeegee Features

  • Ultra sharp printing edge.
    Excellent print quality and accuracy.
  • Good ink transfer properties.
    Less ink used and screen breakages.
  • High resistant to abrasion.
    Longer squeegee life.
  • Low absorption from chemicals in ink systems.
    Print longer.
  • Consistent product-Reduce set up times.

screen printing squeegee Screen Printing Squeegees screen printing squeegee Gum

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