How to use a manual silk screen printing machine?

Manual silk screen printing machine because of its small and flexible, also an indispensable screen printing industry, one of the small tools. So how to use a manual screen printing machine and hand silk screen printing work preparation!

Manual silk screen printing machine because of its small and flexible and easy to adjust to the favor of customers, And manual screen printing machine price are relatively cheaper.some small-scale screen printing products factory has been in use, but also an indispensable screen printing industry, one of the small tools. So for everyone to explain how to use a manual silk screen printing machine and hand silk screen printing work preparation!

In the use a manual silk screen printing machine process, we need to pay attention to some essentials:

manual silk screen printing machine

1, before printing need to check the manual screen printing machine plate

Check the situation of plate sealant, plate with or without blister breakage, plate and floor installation without loosening, whether the appropriate network distance, printing rules positioning is correct, multi-color with or without plate phenomenon.

2, how to choose a suitable screen printing factory machine scraper

Screen printer blade length should be slightly longer than the printed graphic, different substrates should choose different shapes scraper. Rubber squeegee should have some flexibility, in order to facilitate the screen and the substrate contact properties, so that the ink evenly. Scrapers require smooth formation, such as uneven application of sandpaper grinding, scraper material optional 5mm acid rubber production.

3, hand screen printing machine printing material preparation

Printed material should be based on printed materials and printing requirements to determine the type and composition, the key is the time of deployment toning, drying, viscosity adjustment, and strive to meet the requirements of scratch. The printed material should be adjusted first, stored for one day, to make it stable performance, except gold. Should also check whether there is any foreign material in the print to prevent scratches when printing plate.

4, hand screen printing machine how to cast printed material?

Printed material generally fall in front of the network frame at the starting position and within the width of the blade, the network frame can not be placed too much printed material, ready to add, to facilitate easy control of the amount of ink scraper operation control ink.

5, manual silk screen printing machine scraping work

① hand-held substrates placed on the board with the rules, put down the screen frame, leaving a certain network between the plate and the screen spacing.

② hand scraper pressed against the screen, squeegee scraper should maintain a 50-60 ° angle, the scraper to a certain speed for ink scraping movement, the printing material in the scraper pressure, from the hollow part of the screen mesh hole In the leak printed to the substrate, after the scraper scrape the screen rebound and substrate separation. Depending on the size of the printing area and scraper right and wrong, can take one hand or both hands scraping operation, but to control the amount of printed material, plate layout to scratch clean, can not have printed material left in the plate of the graphic office.

③ Lift the mesh frame, remove the substrate from the platen.

6, manual silk screen printing machine printing poor quality when cleaning screen

In the process of printing, if the mark is blurred and the mesh is clogged, we should scrub the printing plate, lightly wipe the front and the back of the screen with degrease cotton cloth or a soft cloth dipped in solvent, scrub the graphic office first, and then scrub the other places. Both sides of the plate should be scrubbed clean, plug the network to clear, and blot the solvent on the plate. After the printing is completed, the plate should also be scrubbed clean.

7, hand silk screen printing machine printing color printing technology

For color sets of color printing plate to distinguish between the color printing ink level, in general, should be printed after the first light-printed dark color, first printed after the main India, printing plate should be arranged in the system. The color version must be overprinted correctly, especially the first color version of the rules to be printed very correct. In a mixed-color scratch, should be considered mixed color to change the version of the plate on the form, in order to facilitate scraping.

8, manual silk screen printing machine drying work

After each hand silk screen printing should be dried, but the middle of the two-color drying only requires printing on the Road will not be stained on Road Road, the last dry but also consider the dry out of the ink layer to ensure that the screen printing ink layer firmly attached degree. Some substrates due to weather changes easily inflated and contracted, such as hand silk screen overprint is not timely, prolonged shelving can cause overprints are not allowed, which should be noted in the dry.

Described above is How to use a manual silk screen printing machine eight steps, I hope for your help in the process, If you want to know manual screen printing machine price, please contact us.

screen printing machine manual silk screen printing machine

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