Nut Milk Bag

Nut Milk Bag
Basic Information

Size:8"x12" 10"x12" 12"x12" can be customzied
Premium filter bag for Nut milks and straining juices
Easy to clean ,Washable Durable and reusable
Allows for sprouting of even the smallest of seeds and grains Handmade mesh bag, Clean,Health,Safety,Environmental protection,High quality,Resistant to high temperature,Can be cooked,Easy to clean,Can be recycle use,Food grade material.

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We can provide customers with customized products so that you can use your favorite nut milk bag to complete all delicious and healthy drinks and recipes at home!

Nut Milk Bag Information
Product Name Macrokun Nut Milk Filter Bag
Material Nylon; Cotton; Hemp
Number of selling mesh 80 mesh / 160 mesh / customizable
Specification 8*12in,10*12in,12*12in,13*13in etc. can be customized
Shape U-shaped, Round-bottomed, Square, Fan-shaped
Closing method Drawstring, Zipper, can be customized
Bag body technology Half-lockrand, lockrand,Hemming
 Certificate LFGB food grade certificate (TUV certification), FDA
Application  Nut,Milk,Juice, Soy milk,Vegetable juice, etc. 
Nut Milk Bag Materials

First, consider the material options for the bag, since some may make more sense depending on what you plan to make.

Nylon: This durable, synthetic fabric is perfect for cold brew as well as nut milks. It won’t lose its shape and it’s one of the strongest textile materials. Plus, nylon resists mildew. But, nylon can melt if it becomes too hot, so a natural material may be better if you’re considering using a nut milk bag for tea or broth.

Cotton: Probably the most popular material for nut milk bags, this natural fabric is soft, affordable, and biodegradable. It’s worth noting, however, that cotton is susceptible to shrinking after washing and is a high-water consumption crop, so you may want to consider a hemp bag if a natural material made from a sustainable and renewable crop is important to you.

Hemp: This long-lasting material is stronger and more durable than cotton, and it’s a material that naturally resists pests, so no pesticides are used in the growing of it. Hemp won't stretch out of shape, though it may have a noticeable odor at first.

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Nut Milk Bag Size & Shape

Look for nut milk bags with a U-shape or rounded bottom; the curved edges are easier to clean pulp out of than a bag with straight corners. In terms of size, larger options will allow for more versatile use of the nut milk bag. As mentioned above, you can make everything from yogurt to cold brew. Smaller bags are more limited in their utility and work better for brewing tea or infusing a broth with herbs.

With all this in mind, keep reading for the best nut milk bags to add to your kitchen repertoire.

nut milk bag

Structures of air purifier and we can see the pre filter is made of nylon filter mesh.

Five-thread sewing hemming technology High pressure resistance

Multi bag filter housing and several bag filters in it.

The bag can be tightened with a drawstring Easy to use ;Can be hung to dry

Nut Milk Bag Application

nut milk nylon bag

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Nut Milk Bag

We can provide customers with customized products so that you can use your favorite nut milk bag to complete all delicious and healthy drinks and recipes!

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