Rosin Filter bag

Rosin Filter Bag
Material: Nylon
Basic Information

Size:1.25"x3.25", 1.75"x5", 1.75"x8", 2"x3.5", 2"x6",2"x4.5", can be customzied
100% Food-Grade & Dye-Free Nylon | Solvent & Heat Resistant (up to 375° F) | Easy To Clean & Reusable
Our Rosin bags are available in 25 Micron,37 Micron,90 Micron,120 Micron,160 Micron, can be customzied
Rosin extracting filter bag,tea bag,food packing,coffee filter bag and so on.

The product has a better price:
  • We are a factory that produces filter mesh. The more you buy, the cheaper your price.


Nylon rosin heat press filter bags are your best solution to create clean and solventless extracts without using any chemicals or solvents. Our bags are made of 100% nylon, and sealed by ultrasonic welding technology, which can prevent the powder from leaking from the seam. Our bags work geat with any rosin press in the market.
Rosin Filter Bag

Rosin Filter Bag Information
Product name
Paint Strainer Bag
High quality Polyester and Nylon
White or natural color
1 gallon/2 gallon/5 gallon, or customized
250 micron/450 micron customizable
OPP bag/ Kraft paper box/other package
Paint filter/ Liquid filter/ Plant insect-resistant
Woven label or printed logo(MOQ=500PCS)
Oval shape/ customizable
1. High quality Polyester, no fluoresce ; 2. Wide range of USES ;3. The elastic band facilitates securing the bag
Rosin Filter Bag Hemming Type

Rosin Filter Bag Hemming Type

Made from premium nylon mesh, our rosin bags are engineered to withstand temperatures up to 300F.

Hand sewn in the China, our bags do not contain chemicals so you only yield the highest quality product on every press.

Rosin Filter Bag Hemming Type
Rosin Filter Bag Use 

Rosin Filter Bag Use

1.Dump or scoop your material into the wide end of the PurePressure Funnel.

2Leave a small amount of the rosin bag material open at the top.

3.Trim off any excess material.

4.Fold your bag over and you are ready to press!

Rosin Filter Bag Application

Rosin Filter Bag Application

All Specification


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Rosin Filter Bag

Our Rosin Filter Bags work geat with any rosin press in the market.

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Our Rosin Filter Bags work geat with any rosin press in the market.

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