Liquid / Water Filter Bag

Liquid/Water Filter Bag
Material:PE / PP / NMO
Basic Information

Size: 1#, 2# ,3# ,4# ,5#,or customized
Bag top types: Plastic ring top, Metal ring top, Raw top, Drawstring top
Bag bottom types: “Arc” shape bottom, "V" shape bottom
Bag body types Stitched, Welded
Airtight method: weld, reverse sewn, outside sewn

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As one of the professional industrial filter bag manufacturers, Macrokun offers bag filters in a variety of sizes, materials, and micron ratings. Our extensive inventory of liquid filter bags are suitable for most applications including polyester felt, nylon monofilament mesh, PTFE,PP and high temperature nomex. Most bag filters are available with a polypropylene, carbon steel, or stainless steel ring.  

If you don't find a bag filter for your application or need help choosing, give us a call to speak with an experienced liquid filtration expert.

Liquid Filter Bag Information

Liquid filter bags are indispensable for bag filters which are made of PP, PE, or nylon, and sealed by heat or stitch, with deep filtration structure and good integrity.

Material: PE / PP / NMO
Size: 1#, 2# ,3# ,4# ,5#,or customized
Product Name: Liquid Filter Bag
Filtration accuracy: 0.5-300 microns(µm)
Bag body types Stitched, Welded
Bag top types: Plastic ring top, Metal ring top, Raw top, Drawstring top
Bag bottom types: “Arc” shape bottom, "V" shape bottom
Filter Sock Essentials

The filter sock are available in many different sizes and shapes. The filter sock could be custom made.Nomal used sizes of filter sock are.

Filter Bag Model Filter Bag Area(m²) Filter Bag Volume(Liter) Filter Bag Diameter(Inch/cm) Filter Bag Length(Inch/cm)
1# 0.19 7.9 7/18 16/41
2# 0.41 17.3 7/18 32/81
3# 0.05 1.4 4/10.2 8.25/21
4# 0.09 2.5 4/10.2 14/36
5# 0.22 8.1 6/15.2 22/56

Filter material performance

Ilter material Temperature
and fats
Aromatic Alcohol
Polyester (PE) 130-150      
(OPP / PO)
Nylon (NMO) 130-150        

Filter Sock Essentials
liqiud filter bag size
Liquid Filter Bag Details

Collar extension of liquid filter bags provided by filter bag manufacturers is made of stainless steel, galvanized steel ring, PP, PE, or Dacron, with special welding and sewing technology(which can be customized according to customers’ requirement as well).

Industrial filter bag manufacturers use flament fiber in liquid filter bags; the surface of liquid filter bags are treated with special singeing processing to reduce depilation and pollution to liquid; fluffy and uniform 3D filtration layer has excellent capture for solid and colloidal solids; high strength material ensures steady filtration efficiency and longer service life.

Rosin Filter Bag Hemming Type

Five-thread sewing hemming technology,High pressure resistance

Hot melt welding Sealed without leakage

Bottom Type

(Water Filter Bag)

Liquid Filter Bag Application

Application of PTFE/pp/nylon filter bag

Filtration of oil and impurities in the petrochemical industry;

Filtration of sugar, spices, juice, and tea in the food industry;

Recovery of precious ingredients and clarification filtration in the pharmaceutical industry.

Rosin Filter Bag Application

All Specification


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