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43t silk screen printing mesh fabric, Width:63Inches (1.65m) 

This kind of screen printing mesh is plain weaved polyester mono-filament yarn. The characters of this mesh contain high strength, low elongation, good tension stability, high quality, and reasonable price

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Material: 100% Monofilament Polyester. 110mesh/43T

What does 43T mesh mean?What is the meaning of the number of mesh T in silk screen printing? In addition, the number of silk screen mesh, for example, 100 mesh, refers to 100 mesh in 1 inch length or 100 mesh in one square inch Hole. There are now how many mesh yarn T-number, for example: 90T, 100T and so what else,mesh yarn T number refers to the length of the unit length of the number of holes, the higher the number of T, the more fine gauze, the more meshes, on the contrary, T number is lower, the gauze thicker, the hole is larger. Generally speaking, is equal to T * 2.54, 100T is equal to about 250. As for the number of net yarn T number, I think there should be a lot of it. Like our company on the use of 36T, 40T, 43T, 77T , 90T, 100T, 120T, 140T and the like.

What does 43T mesh mean?

The following is a general overview of the dimensions used for basic print types.

1. 40-61 mesh count - considered very course silk screen mesh count. They are used for shimmer, glitters and high density inks. Shimmers and glitters have particles in them that wil not go through the finer screen meshes.

 2. 86 mesh count - considered a course mesh and will provide a heavy ink deposit for high opacity. It is typically used for printing bold copy onto dark colored fabric. Typical use is a white underprint for an athletic look.

 3. 110 mesh count - considered a medium course screen, it is by far the industries choice as the "do-it-all" mesh. Great for spot colors and text.

 4. 156 mesh count - considered a medium screen mesh. It is commonly used for printing onto light colored fabrics with regular detail and medium ink deposit.

 5. 200-240 mesh counts - considered a fine silk screen mesh count for printing onto white or light colored goods with a soft hand feel. Very good for high detail artwork. It can hold large halftone's but not recommended for four color process prints or fine detail half tone printing.

6. 305 and higher mesh counts - considered very fine silk screen mesh counts is used for extremely high detail printing and fine halftone four color process and simulated process prints.

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