How to choose a suitable screen printing mesh?

How to choose a suitable silk screen printing mesh?The overall quality of screen printing is crucial. Due to the wide range of screen printing applications, the mesh has a variety of materials, structures, specifications.

How to choose a suitable silk screen printing mesh?With the development and progress of the times, screen printing has become a requirement of high quality, high precision, high stability of the technology. Its range of applications also extends to high-tech electronics and commercial printing. How to adapt to the development of the trend of the times and remain invincible in the fierce market competition is an issue that must be considered by the screen printing industry. Therefore, having the necessary plate making and printing information is a necessary condition for improving product quality. In the screen printing technology mesh is the printing quality of many factors in the fundamental, so the correct choice and rational use of mesh directly related to the plate-making effect. The overall quality of screen printing is crucial. Due to the wide range of screen printing applications, the mesh has a variety of materials, structures, specifications. To meet a variety of different printing requirements. The following commonly used silk screen printing mesh types and application features make an introduction.

How to choose a suitable screen printing mesh?

1, monofilament polyester screen printing mesh (monofilament polyester screen fabric)

This mesh has a smooth surface to ensure the best through ink effect, using it made of screen can be repeated to the film, re-use, and has good planar stability and accurate copy accuracy, it is suitable for large-scale printing. Especially halftone printing and high precision printing products.

2, high tension monofilament silk screen printing mesh

The tension monofilament silk screen printing mesh is made of specially treated poly-monofilament yarns. In addition to the features of the standard monofilament polyester silk screen printing mesh, the most outstanding feature is its low elasticity and durability. Zhang net can maintain the smallest loss of tension. The general mesh cloth in the net after 24 to 48 hours there will be a small tension loss, while the high tension net in the net after the loss will be even smaller, even negligible. In the printing will also bear the pull of the blade and has strong resistance to tensile properties, thereby increasing the life of the screen.

3, monofilament nylon screenprinting mesh:

The  monofilament nylon screen printing mesh mesh has a special resistance to tensile properties and stability, and the appropriate flexibility. Due to the special processing of the screen, the tension is stable and wearable, the film can be repeatedly stripped off and the screen reused. Therefore, it is economical and durable. For uneven objects in the printing, surface printing, rough surface printing. Alkali, resistant to 'organic solvents. Has excellent wear resistance and long service life.

4, dyeing screen printing mesh

The difference between this dyed screen printing mesh and the white screen printed mesh is:

The use of direct emulsion and capillary film platemaking, the light shines on the white silk screen will be reflected to the film on the film, in the pattern of low refraction, resulting in poor clarity of the edge of the picture.

For the dyed screen, a portion of the light is absorbed by the dye and only the remaining spectrum is reflected and produces a low refraction on the film which does not significantly affect image quality. So it will not undermine the graphical edge definition.

The effect of white and colored scrims on the sharpness of graphics varies widely, so colored scrims are often used for fine lines and halftone printing. It should be noted that colored mesh than the white mesh in the plate-making exposure time should be lengthened properly. Another advantage of this mesh is in the plate making process is very easy to observe the screen and test the quality.

5, UV screen printing mesh

With the rapid development of science and technology, the standard silk screen mesh and can not fully meet the requirements of the use of UV ink printing. Since UV inks are not solvent-evaporated to dry, unlike other screen printing inks, they are almost solvent-free, but are photopolymerized to form a film. UV ink, if it is also printed using a standard web, is more soluble than solvent inks Thick several times, this will not only cause the printing ink waste, but also affect the curing effect of the ink, in order to reduce the thickness of the ink deposition without affecting the printing quality, should use UV screen printing  mesh. UV screen printing mesh cloth can reduce the thickness of the ink deposition.The reason is that the mesh is after single-sided pressure treatment, the overall thickness of the thinning. (See illustration) The deposition thickness of UV-based printing inks can be reduced by 35-50% (compared with the mesh) by a normal mesh.

In addition, UV screen printing mesh also has the following characteristics: Rolling pressure to face the scraper to reduce the scraper wear ink ink is good, uniform distribution, printed graphics sharpness (as shown ), Mesh easy to clean. Therefore, the use of UV ink UV screen should be used when making screen.

6, super complex screen printing mesh

This super screen printing mesh Features:

1. Super tension (40N / cm or more), high elastic modulus, the least change in tension.

2. Emulsion adhesion and resolution of the premium.

3 excellent ink permeability.

4. Silk Screen Printing Mesh Restoration Youyou, the smallest distance from the plate, the lowest printing pressure to get the best printed WlJ quality.

This paper mainly describes the importance of the mesh in the screen printing process, and introduces in detail the performance, characteristics and the influence of the color of the screen printing on the screen.

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