SMT Stencil Pcb Screen Printing Frame



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SMT Screen Printing Frame Specification Table


MACROKUN supply almost all of the common size of SMT stencil.

Normal size stencil uses unified 24T,29T,36T low elongation polyester mesh, and proprietary imported epoxy adhesive,which is high precision,strong chemical resistance, durable and stable property When cleaned by Ultrasonic.

The uniformity of stretching tension can be controlled within ± 1N/cm.

Size Outside (O.D)
Stock Profile
550x600 mm
30x40 mm
Customize size available.
The tolerance of the overall dimension can be controlled within -0.5 mm
The planeness can be controlled within ±0.15 mm withstand tension >40 N/CM
550x650 mm
30x40 mm

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for electronic circuit.This is called surface mount or surface mount technique.A frame is a frame used to support a steel mesh (SMT formwork), made of metal, wood, or other materials.It is divided into fixed type and adjustable type.The most commonly used is the aluminum production of pneumatic mesh frame.Simply put, a thin piece of steel is cut with some holes corresponding to the solder joints of the PCB board for printing solder paste.


SMT Stencil Pcb Screen Printing Frame

1.Use AB epoxy adhesive to resist corrosion and solvent.

2.The use of aluminum frame, light and high strength.

3.Precise data control in production, to ensure that each product can give customers the best experience in the application.

4.Professional parameters of the mesh yarn, to ensure the elasticity of the product, tensile.

SMT Stencil Pcb Screen Printing Frame

SMT Stencil Pcb Screen Printing Frame SHIPPING

1.Samples orders usually within 3 days shipped by Courier (DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, EMS and so on).

2.Small quantity orders usually within 3-7 days shipped by air or by sea.

3.Large quantity orders usually within 7-15 days shipped by sea.

The main export port: SHANGHAI.

SMT Stencil Pcb Screen Printing Frame PARKING

Packaging Details:

All the screen printing aluminum frames are well wraped with a plastic film in pallet.

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SMT Screen Printing Frame
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