Easy-to-use silk screen printing kits for beginners to print different materials such as textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, metal, leather or plastic.



Easy-to-use silk screen printing kits for beginners to print different materials such as textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, metal, leather or plastic.

Our full range of screen printing kits are available in a variety of screen printing kits, and you can make your own monochrome or color screen printing. The kit contains all the materials needed to create high quality prints on textiles, paper or cardboard through a screen printing process. Our carefully selected accessories are especially suitable for printing on small and medium series T-shirts. Of course, it is also possible to print yourself in screen printing of other textiles, such as hoodies, totes, jute bags or jackets. Our kits are also suitable for printing on paper, cardboard and even canvas. Thanks to minor modifications, our kit can also be used for printing on plastic, glass or metal.

In order to be able to practice screen printing by yourself, there is no need to open a large studio. Instead, you can leave your impressions at home in a small space. For those who wish to print high quality T-shirts at a lower price, our screen printing kits is the ideal solution. With our screen-printed brochure, we will help you become a successful screen printer.


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