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We are the best supplier of wholesale sales of screen printing material supplies in China.screen printing need what material?Let's take a look at screen printing materials list.

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Macrokun company to provide you with best screen printing frames,screen printing mesh,screen printing scrapers and other high-quality silk screen printing supplies. We are the best supplier of wholesale sales of screen printing material supplies in China.Whatever screen printing supplies you need, we are in stock and ready to ship. Find the right person for you.

So, silk screen printing need what material? Let's take a look at screen printing materials list .


Silk screen printing materials list

1. Screen printing materials - Screen printing mesh

We carry the largest variety of both white and dyed (yellow) screen printing mesh. All of our screen mesh is of the highest quality and you'll be sure to love it at a fraction of the price.

You can receive our polyester screen printing mesh in different finesse from ‎6T(15 Mesh) to 165T(420 Mesh)..We are screen printing mesh manufacture,screen printing mesh supply.

2. Screen printing materials -screen printing  squeegee 

Our Screen Printing Squeegees are made out of top grade Polyurethane Elastomers and are of the highest quality. All Squeegee we sell are solvent resistant and long lasting. 

Durometers: 60 Durometer, 70 Durometer, 80 Durometer, 90 Durometer. Triple Durometer: 60/90/60, 70/90/70.

Screen printing squeegee is used to squeeze squeeze on the screen of the ink, so that leakage in the printing on a tool.

3. Screen printing materials - screen printing frame

Our Screen Printing Screens And Frames are the best in the industry stretched to a perfect tension to ensure the best possible ink pass through results.

 Aluminum screen printing screen frame, with light operation, high strength network frame, not easy to deformation, solvent resistance and water resistance, beautiful and so on. Suitable for mechanical printing and manual printing.

Need a screen printing frame with a different size or mesh count?

For a specific screen printing frame size, or perhaps another mesh count that is not listed on our website, re-mesh services, or a custom screen just give us a mail at and our customer service members will be delighted to assist you.

4. Screen printing materials -Screen printing machine

Screen printing machine is a silk screen printing machine, a printing press. Screen printing machines are machines for printing text and images and are the general term for machines or equipment used to produce prints.

silk screen printing materials-MK-E882L floor type 8 color 8 station double wheel screen printing machineMK-E662L floor type six color six station double wheel screen printing machine

5. A roll of masking tape


7.Latex gloves

The above is the screen printing materials list of screen printing process, the use of these screen printing materials we can conduct a complete screen printing process.

If you need these silk screen printing supplies please contact us, or leave your email or phone number.

silk screen printing materials-Screen printing materials-screen printing supplier-Screen printing kit

screen printing materials list

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