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Aluminum Screen printing screen Frame is an important part of the screen, play a supporting role of the screen. Screen printing screens Frame the choice and use of a direct impact on the print results. This product uses GB aluminum, wear resistance an

aluminum screen printing screen frames is an important part of the screen, play a supporting role of the screen.Aluminum  screen printing screens Frame the choice and use of a direct impact on the print results. This product uses GB aluminum, wear resistance and other characteristics.

Aluminum Screen printing screens Frame

Aluminum Screen printing screens frames Category:

1. Direct plate method

⑴ photosensitive paste plate directly

Method: Apply a certain thickness of photosensitive paste (usually diazonium salt photosensitive paste) on the stretched screen, dry it after coating, then put it into plate making machine with plate making film and expose it, develop, rinse After drying, it becomes Aluminum Screen printing screens.

Process: Preparation of photosensitive paste has stretched - degreasing - drying - coating - drying - exposure - development - drying - revised version - the final exposure - sealing

⑵ photosensitive film plate directly

Methods: Photographic film commonly known as water film, is based on the thickness of 0.1mm transparent plastic film as a base, 幷 coated with a layer of a certain thickness of the emulsion from the first screen will be fully used when wet, and then On the diaphragm, the membrane is adsorbed to the screen by capillary action, after drying the plastic film base is torn off for exposure, development, and finally get the desired graphics.

Process: Stretched - Degreasing - Wetting - Foil - Drying - Reinforcement - Exposure - Development - Drying - Rework - Seal

2. Direct indirect plate method

Method: Directly plate-making method is first plate-making photosensitive material coated with a photosensitive film-based flat on the work surface, will be stretched wrist net frame flat on the base, and then in the screen printing The frame is placed in a photosensitive paste and pressurized with a soft squeegee coating, after the full removal of the plastic base after drying, attached to the photosensitive film can be used for the screen silk screen, after the development, the system after drying silk screen Version.

Process: Stretched - Degreasing - Drying - Peeling Substrate - Exposure - Development - Drying - Repair - Seal

3. Indirect plate-making method

Method: Indirect plate making method is to expose the first indirect film, hardened with 1.2% H2O2 developed with warm water, dried to make a peelable graphics negatives, the plate will be the time of plate graphics film and stretched mesh tight , By squeezing the film and moist silk screen paste, peel off the film base, dry with wind to make aluminum  screen printing screens Frame.



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