Aluminum Monofilament High Tension Screen Printing Frame

A1-D1 Aluminum Monofilament High Tension Screen Printing Frame
Aluminum Screen Printing Frame Description
Material: Aluminum Types: Printing Equipment
Custom Processing: Yes Model: 20*30

Precision electronic aluminum screen printing frame:

Suitable for high-precision manufacturers such as multi-layer circuit boards, liquid crystal displays, surface mounts, membrane switches, ceramic decals, tobacco and wine packaging printing, etc.: Printing operations are mainly based on fully automatic screen printing machines, and some are also suitable. Precision semi-automatic screen printing machine.
J10 28×43×1.2mm 700×800 mm
J11 35×50×1.8mm 800×900 mm
J12 28×43×1.8mm 850×950 mm
J13 35×50×2.2mm 1000x1500 mm
J14 30×40×2.5mm 950×1050 mm
J15 35×60×2.7mm 1500×1800 mm
J16 40×40×3.0mm 1000x1200mm
J17 35×55×2.2mm 1700×1800 mm


Electronic aluminum screen printing frame:

Suitable for single and double-sided printed circuit boards, decals, glass printing and other printing precision require manufacturers to use: printing operations mainly in semi-automatic screen printing machine, some materials are also suitable for manual printing.
J6 25×38×1.2mm 600×700 mm
J7 25×38×1.4mm 600×700 mm
J8 25×38×2.0mm 700×800 mm
Screen printing plate making, silk screen printing plate making, processing drying net, Swiss screen printing mesh, printing screen, sensitized adhesive, adhesive mesh, stripping powder, squeegee, screen printing equipment, sealing slurry, edge-adding agent, A+B hard Film agent, in addition to ghost paste, degreasing agent, grinding paste, Shui Fei, light and durable easy to use


A1-D1 Aluminum Monofilament High Tension Screen Printing Frame

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