9″ x 14″ Pre-Stretched Aluminum Frame

Pre-Stretched Aluminum Frame – 9″x 14″ for screen printing.

Pre-Stretched 9″ x 14″ Aluminum Frame for screen printing. Aluminum sides keep the frame from warping with use. Mesh count comes in the following amounts: 305, 230, 200, 180, 156 and 110.

Plastisol Ink Mesh Count General Guideline:

  • 24-86 – Specialty Inks.
  • 110 – Best for light colors such as white.
  • 160 – Best for darker colors such as black. Holds more detail than 110, but less ink will pass through the screen.
  • 200-230 – Ink must be reduced for mesh this fine, though it yields high detail results.
  • 230-305 – Mostly used for super fine detail, half tones and CMYK Process Prints.

Aluminum Frame

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