silk mesh for screen printing eight characteristics

Silk screen printing mesh eight characteristics:(1) Silk screen mesh density. (2)Silk screen mesh breaking strength. (3) Silk screen mesh Elongation at break. (4) Silk screen mesh Elongation at break. (5) Silk screen mesh flexibility. (6) Silk scre
silk mesh for screen printing

(1) Silk screen mesh density. Also known as fabric density. That is, the number of filaments (lines) in the warp and weft unit length of the silk mesh for screen printing and the number of warp filaments in the unit length along the weft direction are warps, and the number of wefts in the warp unit length is Weft density. When the meridional density of the screen is equal to the weft density, the screen density is equal to the mesh number stated in the screen specifications.

(2)Silk screen mesh breaking strength. silk mesh for screen printing samples (usually 20cm long, 5cm wide) in the tensile test, to resist the maximum force until fracture, gf (grams of force), kgf (kg force), N (Newton) and so on.

(3) Silk screen mesh Elongation at break. silk mesh for screen printing samples stretched to the maximum load elongation at break.

(4) Silk screen mesh Elongation at break. The percentage elongation at break of the silk screen mesh sample to the length of the sample before stretching.

(5) Silk screen mesh flexibilitysilk mesh for screen printing deformed by external forces, external force removed, the deformation disappeared, able to restore the original form of performance.

(6) Silk screen mesh Slow elasticity. silk mesh for screen printing by external deformation, external force removed, after a considerable time to restore the original form of performance.

(7) Silk screen mesh Antistatic mesh for screen printing static electricity generated or accumulated performance.

(8) Silk screen mesh Wear resistance. silk mesh for screen printing to withstand external wear performance. Generally repeated abrasion of the sample by the friction that the number of broken, or to a certain number of times after grinding the appearance, strength, thickness, weight and other changes that.

In the description of screen printing mesh performance, often used terminology also water resistance, shrinkage, chemical resistance, anti-aging properties and so on. In screen printing, plate making, these properties are generally described qualitatively; need quantitative description, should be obtained through the test value.

screen printing mesh silk screen mesh silk screen printing mesh

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