How about weaving and heat setting for the polyester mesh?

Polyester Screen printing Mesh is one of the most leading high-tech mesh fabric products in 1990s for screen printingand filters. As to the weaving and heat setting courses , it can be seen as a further-processingof the polyester mesh. With good-grade mat

Polyester Screen printing Mesh is one of the most leading high-tech mesh fabric products in 1990s for screen printing and filters. As to the weaving and heat setting courses, it can be seen as a further-processing of the polyester mesh. With good-grade material, we produces superior quality polyester and polyamide bolting cloth for screen printing. At the meawhile, we also have the most advanced testing instruments and technicians that are well-trained to promise a reliable quality.

Screen Printing Mesh

Polyester mesh is a woven mesh that uses different weaving methods for textile machines. On the one hand, polyester filter mesh has the characteristics of excellent tear resistance and exquisite dimensional stability, which are applied in the aerospace, petroleum chemical and the high-new-tech fields. On the other hand, the strictness when choosing the raw material as well as the higher tension threshold and breaking points, all these achieve a convictive product excellent quality assurance.


Qualified polyester fabrics with uniform mesh count, high strength and printing efficiency, is an economical alternative to silk printing screen. We are professional polyester fabric manufacturer and suppliers. We provide polyester fabrics available in mesh sizes from 10 to 5000 microns. We sincerely welcome you to inquire about our products. 

polyester mesh

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