Polyester Monofilament Silk Screen Printing Mesh Anti Static 25 - 1500um

Detailed Product Description Type: Filter Elements Style: Monofilament Mesh Micron: 25-1500um Material: Polyester Ring Material: Plastic Top/Metal Ring Bag Body Structure: Sewn Package: Standard Export Package Usage: Water Filtration/Food Polyester Monofi
Detailed Product Description
Type: Filter Elements Style: Monofilament Mesh
Micron: 25-1500um Material: Polyester
Ring Material: Plastic Top/Metal Ring Bag Body Structure: Sewn
Package: Standard Export Package Usage: Water Filtration/Food
Polyester Monofilament Silk Screen Printing Mesh

The classification and selection standards, 1 screen
The screen with the flour mill and divided by material generally have the following:
Silk screen: by strands of natural silk skein silk, and then woven, is characterized by good elasticity, not easy to loose, hole size, not easy to deformation, with good moisture absorption and desorption, is not easy to generate static electricity etc.. But do not wear, easy pilling.
Polyester Monofilament Silk Screen Printing Mesh

Polyester Monofilament Silk Screen Printing Mesh Specification:
Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh
Material 100% Polyester
Mesh count 10T(25mesh)-165T(420mesh)
Mesh color White and yellow
Width 0.6-3.9 meters
Length 30meter/roll ,50meter/roll or as request
Weave Type Plain
Advantage Low elongation ,High tension,optimize screen-printing performance

Polyamide (nylon) screen by polyamide monofilament fiber woven. Wear resistant, long service life, high strength, comprehensive use of good results.

Polyester mesh, woven from polyester monofilament. High strength, not easy to deformation, but compared with nylon mesh, wear resistance and antistatic effect is slightly worse.
Foreign flour factory also has been generally used in the forties of the silk screen until the twentieth century and used, for the time being, grading screen generally have especially sieve number 14-72 (silk), three material sieve silk (No. 7 72), roughly equivalent to the size of the opening of the 1600 - 200um; screen for sifter, standard (code s, 3 - 25s), unblended sieve double and silk (code named x, 4X-17X) silk screen (code named XX, 3-17XX), three material sieve silk (code named XXX, 3XXX-18XXX) several, roughly equivalent to the mesh size of 300 - 60um.

Domestic flour mill is also commonly used silk net, tagging is a quote from abroad industry norms and, "GG" (grit Gauze) refers to the coarse screen, meaning each Vienna inches (approximately equals 1.0375 inches) within the length of the sieve number, weave patterns woven for the cutter, "XX" refers to the fine material sieve net, mainly used for sifting and half twist weave mode.

The screen annotation based on metric, such as CB, JQ, JCQ etc. have expressed per centimeter of sieve number, materials with silk, nylon and brocade silkworm intertwined, woven with plain weave, half twist weave, the twist weave and basket weaving.
With the introduction of powder production line supporting the import nylon mesh material in its long life, good performance began to cause the attention of the personage inside course of study, and directly to the size of the mesh mark and the opening size has been serialized, standardized, standardization, and consider the appellation of the industry and even inertia, respectively to "GG, XXX," correspondence, which "GG" is weave; "XXX" is plain woven enhanced and largest flour mill application of, weave patterns for single and double warp to heavy flat fabric, the generic name: "XX".

Import screen name "GG, XX, XXX," meaning and the familiar domestic screen, has played a great changes, "XXX" wire diameter thick, long service life, "XX" dimensional stability and effective screen area slightly larger, surface rough degree of high automatic grading effect is good.

Domestic code "JM" (single and double by to flat fabric), "JMG" (weave), we also launched a PDM "(single and double warp to flat fabric), specifications and import screen have differences, but close.
The wear-resisting degree: to a large extent determines the service life of the screen, the screen of the same material, the thicker the wire diameter is and the better wear resistance.
Antistatic property: any flour sieve require antistatic treatment. This is because of the contact and the friction between the fiber and the fiber, the fiber and the material, caused by the charge transfer between the fiber surface, electrostatic phenomena, and the flour particle size is fine, easy to be charge attract caused difficult sieving, even paste.

Polyester, nylon are to carry out anti-static treatment, generally have the following methods:
1 surface treatment: the general use of anti - static agent;
2 polymerization process: in the synthesis of fiber polymerization, the addition of hydrophilic polymer or conductive low molecular polymer;
3: as in the center of the conductive fiber monofilament carbon or in the whole filament with adding carbon;
4 the use of high-energy radiation, such as gamma radiation or electron beam radiation fabric, so that the fiber degeneration, improve moisture absorption, increase the anti-static effect.

The last three methods are in fact the material of anti - static treatment, which is permanent, the first method is the surface anti-static.
Width: with the development of flour milling and grain technology, especially the emergence of eight roller mill and high yield and high Fangping screen, indeed improve the pulverizing efficiency, capacity increase to create the conditions. So grizzly also along with the corresponding the development direction along the standard type, expansion of large and super large direction development, import screen width also 1.10 meters, 1.36 meters, 1.54 meters (domestic screen width 1.04 - 1.27 m), must be based on different plants mesh criteria to select appropriate width.

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