Industrial printing offset printing ink trends

With the progress of the printing industry, industrial printing technology and industrial printing equipment continue to improve and improve, including offset printing its unique advantages, such as plate making fast and easy, low cost, hig

With the progress of the printing industry, industrial printing technology and industrial printing equipment continue to improve and improve, including offset printing its unique advantages, such as plate making fast and easy, low cost, high printing quality, wide range of paper use, Outside the printing manufacturers of all ages, which get rapid and extensive development, and then dominated the international printing industry, offset inks have also been rapid development.

What is industrial printing offset printing ink?

Ink as the most important information to reproduce a printing material, in the printing process should have good printability. Offset printing ink is mainly composed of colored pigments (dyes, etc.), linking materials, fillers and additives and other substances, according to the requirements of printing in accordance with the requirements of a certain proportion of mixed mixing, and after rolling ink-made process.
Industrial printing offset printing ink trends

Pigments are insoluble in water, do not dissolve in oil or binder, with a certain color of solid powder material, including inorganic pigments and organic pigments in two categories. It is not only the main solid part of the ink but also the part of the color body that is visible to the object. To a large extent determines the ink color, thin thick, light-resistant properties. At present, the black pigment used in printing inks is mostly inorganic (such as carbon black), while the color ink is mostly organic pigment.

Offset printing ink in accordance with the printing machinery pision, can be pided into sheetfed offset inks and web offset inks; according to the different drying methods, can be pided into infiltration offset printing ink, thermosetting offset printing ink, light curing (UV / EB) Printing iron offset printing ink. Different types of inks have different printability and use.

Industrial printing different printing machinery and different substrates on the selection of offset printing ink

1. Web offset printing machine ink

The web offset printing press ink is usually called offset printing rotary ink, this ink is basically pided into the following two types: A. Permeation dry type: due to the use of newsprint, offset paper web offset press printing speed , Ink drying speed, so commonly used inks for infiltration dry type. b. Thermosetting Inks: In modern commercial web offset presses, the drying device is added to the rear half of the printing unit, using a thermosetting ink to accommodate this production condition, which ink heats in the drying unit and the ink Solvent evaporation in the ink film to allow rapid drying, thermosetting ink dry oil (such as linseed oil) content is less. The oil content is more, and other ingredients and sheetfed offset ink somewhat the same, then the use of thermosetting ink used in paper than the permeability of dry ink used in the paper quality is better.

2. Sheetfed offset printing machine ink

① offset light ink

Offset light ink is made of synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil high boiling paraffin oil. High-quality pigments, additives composed of colloidal ink. For monochrome, two-color or multi-color offset printing machine in the coated paper pictures, pictures and other high-grade fine print purposes. The luster of the ink mainly depends on the conjunctiva after the conjunctiva is dried. The luster of the ink and the ink film flow well, and should be attached to the surface of the substrate to form a plane, which will have a mirror reflection effect on the incident light Requires maximum link material stay in the substrate surface.

② offset resin ink

Offset resin ink using synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, mineral oil, high-quality pigments and fillers, after the deployment of grinding. Offset printing resin ink is characterized by less vegetable oil content, high proportion of solvents, usually high boiling point alkane, which plays in the ink viscosity reduction. When the ink is transferred to the paper, this part of the solvent will quickly penetrate into the paper fiber under the action of the capillary, speeding up the drying of the ink and reducing the problem of rubbing of the printed product.

③ UV offset printing ink

In offset printing with UV ink, commonly known as UV offset printing. UV offset printing ink is the use of ultraviolet (UV) radiation energy, the liquid chemicals through rapid cross-linking curing ink into a class of ink. It requires a UV curing unit in the press. UV offset printing ink as a kind of offset inks, it must first be able to offset the way to print, UV offset inks should also have some of the characteristics of ordinary offset inks to meet the requirements of printability.

④ offset printing paper synthetic ink

In the absence of UV offset press, the use of the usual four-color printing machine printing paper, synthetic paper and some ink on the substrate surface is not easy to dry special paper, you need to use offset synthetic paper ink, the ink is suitable for printing Non-absorbable printing substrates such as synthetic paper (gold cardboard, silver cardboard, aluminum foil, specialty paper) and the like have the characteristics of fast drying and good adhesion on printed matters. Because of this ink drying speed is very fast, so stop in the printing process, should promptly clean the ink on the roller to prevent ink crust dry.

Environmental offset printing ink

With the development of science and technology, people are increasingly demanding on environmental protection, so the environmental protection ink came into being. Green ink, also known as green ink, in offset printing are mainly soy ink, UV-curable ink.

UV curing ink, also known as UV ink. UV ink is the main features: solvent-free evaporation, pollution-free, in line with environmental requirements, widely used in food packaging and printing, good printability, suitable for paper jams, plastic products, metal, textile printing materials such as printing, curing time is short , Less energy consumption, printing quality is good.

industrial printing offset printing ink

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