Bag filter for clinker cooler

Our capacity: 4000 per day (standard product) Optional fabric: PTFE(Teflon), P84, PPS, Aramid(Nomex), Fiberglass, Fiberglass blended Filtration precision: 30mg/nm3 (laminating PTFE film, 5mg) Size: Accept customization. Optional process: Sewing or hot

Working Temperature: 150℃~260℃

Main Material: Nomex(Aramid), P84, FMS needle felt, Fiberglass woven fabric, etc.

Finish Treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing, PTFE impregnation, PTFE membrane

Diameter&Length: Customized

Capacity: 2000 pcs per day

Customization Accepted.

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Category: Dust Filter Bags

Main working conditions and dust collection requirement of clinker cooler:

Commonly used filter bag fabric chosen of clinker cooler:

  1. Fiberglass Woven Fabric With PTFE Membrane

  2. Nomex (Aramid) Needle Felt

  3. P84 Needle Felt

  4. FMS Needle Felt

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