How to adjust the screen printing machine scraper angle

Screen printing press scraper angle increases, generally lead to increased ink volume.

Screen printing press scraper angle increases, generally lead to increased ink volume. Vice versa, if the angle is very small, the ink can not pass through the mesh. The ink through the mesh extrusion pressure is how it produced, so that the screen printing press scraping knife to determine a suitable angle, which provides ink to be printed materials such as raw materials to be printed in the direction of transfer of objects, followed by the application of appropriate The pressure of strength. Screen printing manufacturers generally use qualified and efficient doctor blade to ensure that the screen printing process in the process of color tone can be consistent, so as to achieve better print quality. Therefore, work must be the first to sharpen his device, this is the truth. A good screen printing ink scraper knife excellent mechanical properties, smooth edges, with good flexibility, but also to extend the life of the printing roller, saving downtime, it can be efficient and sustainable in the signage process to get the desired printing quality.

Silk Screen Printing Squeegee machine edge definition and other subtle level of the sub-level can not be a good show, on the one hand because of excessive ink wicking caused by too much ink, and if the angle is too small will lead to ink is very perforated Less transparency makes it less effective, so it is necessary to choose a good doctor while paying attention to the ink scraping ink principles and methods to find the right angle, now using a special screen printing ink scraper, scraper scraper, the greatest degree of satisfaction Two-way requirements for screen printing for subtle levels and transparency. Screen printing ink control also pay attention not to take the two extremes, and take the road for the application of know-how.

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