The Importance of the Right Mesh count for the screen printing machine

p id=post-content style=box-sizing: border-box; margin: 1.25rem 0px; padding: 0px; font-size: 16px; The right mesh count will bring a long lasting positive outcome on production process of your Screen Printing Machine Often the new entrepren

The right mesh count will bring a long lasting positive outcome on production process of your Screen Printing Machine

Often the new entrepreneur or the fresher with screen printing press get confused on choosing right or exact mesh count. Due to this confusion and ignorance similar medium-grade mesh count is used for all their jobs by a large number or fresh screen printers and some seasonal screen printer birds.

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At the period of getting you far away with your printing by the mid-range 160 mesh as a screen printing entrepreneur, you should learn and precise the result and Outcome or feedback by using dissimilar screen mesh counts for various projects.

This article is presenting with a view to providing you an idea to realize the mesh count for screen printing machine. So you can from which point you begin when you like to print with different mesh counts to have different kinds of printing output.

Fundamentals of Screen Mesh Count:

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For your realization about the screen mesh count at first, you should learn and guess details about the count mesh. The mesh count refers the amount of fiber that has been kept within one square inch of the screen. It means 160 mesh count screen contains 160 fibers within one square inch of the screen. The screen having lower mesh count contain larger openings being permitted more ink to run all the way through whereas finer details in your printing are permitted through higher mesh count being with less of coating ink.

Learn Which Mesh Count to Use for Screen Printing Machine

Experienced knowledge will facilitate you to decide which mesh counts would be given preference to use on particular projects; however, some guidelines are described below here with by which you will be helped to start by using different mesh counts::

  • If you use 25 to 40 mesh count screen, it will give you perfect glitter or glisten inks, as these inks have particles not able to pass throughout the finer mesh.
  • 60 mesh counts permit for a heavy ink put down. It’s frequently used for block numbers and letters on athletic jerseys
  • 80 to 86 mesh count is frequently used to produce heat transfers, printing heavy under bases and for using some specialty inks, like puff ink.
  • 110 to 160 mesh count screens are the most adaptable and the most frequently used in screen printing machine. Screens on the lower end of the mesh count spectrum put down heavier ink deposits and are perfect for printing under bases or printing bold colors on dark fabrics. At the higher end of the mesh count spectrum, you can print a more detailed image while maintaining a fair ink deposit.
  • 180 to 200 mesh counts are ideal for printing fairly full images in light inks on dark fabrics.
  • 230 to 280 mesh count screens will transport comprehensive prints with a softer hand feel; on the other hand, as they permit for lighter ink deposits, prints produced with these fine screens won’t be as dazzling or bright.

Other factors Choosing a Screen Mesh Count

Keep in mind that there are some other factors while you’re experimenting taking different mesh counts in your screen printing equipment. First, screens of perse densities will clutch changeable amounts of mixture, a mid-lower mesh counts holding more. It refers that at the period of your using a lower mesh count screen, you’ll have to provide your screens longer to let the mixture to set appropriately.

The ink will dry out more rapidly on finer screens at the process of printing with water-based inks,   To combine that, you might want to insert a retarder to your water-based ink so that you could keep the ink transferring and your job stirring.

It is you to take the decision for which screen mesh counts are best appropriate your screen printing machine to which jobs and thereby you are the final decision-maker that which mesh count should you use. From first to last experience and trailing with using different screen densities, you’ll find which screens provide you the outcome you desire at the time of dealing with different types of projects.

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