Screen printing squeegee:quality is the key to successful silk screen printing

A quality-made squeegee blade is absolutely essential for a quality silkscreen printing job. At Custom Rubber Corp., the name of our screen printingsqueegees says it all, SmoothBlade. Characteristics of the SmoothBlade Manufactured to the highest indu

A quality-made squeegee blade is absolutely essential for a quality silkscreen printing job. At Custom Rubber Corp., the name of our screen printing  squeegees says it all, “SmoothBlade.” Characteristics of the "SmoothBlade"

Manufactured to the highest industry standards.

It is equipped with a smooth, straight, uniform edge to insure top-quality printing every time.

Molded from top-quality Neoprene rubber, based on an ultra-small-particle mixture to eliminate any voids or gaps in the blade.

Fits any standard silkscreen printing equipment, making the ideal replacements.

The "SmoothBlade" comes in standard durometers, which measure the hardness of the rubber.

You always want to purchase the highest quality screen printing squeegee for your printing job. If you have inferior squeegees, one small piece of rubber can affect the end product. A dull or nicked squeegee blade compromises the product because of uneven ink transfer. How do I choose the correct squeegee?

Determine the width of your design (the width of the squeegee should be 2" wider than design).

What is the type and speed of the equipment to be used.

What is the substrate or material being printed to? This information will primarily determine the durometer of your squeegee.

For the best printing jobs, always replace old squeegees. Screen printing  squeegees are effected by the following:

Abrasion from normal use can dull squeegee blades and reduce the ability of a squeegee to shear ink.

Certain inks, like solvent and UV inks can reduce the life of a squeegee.

It is important to follow proper maintenance and storage of your screen printing squeegees for optimal performance and longevity.

Clean squeegees to manufacturers’ specifications.

Re-sharpen squeegees only as recommended.

Use screen printing squeegees for the recommended amount of time for each job.

Rotate the use of your screen printing squeegees.

Lay screen printing squeegees out flat when not in use.

Monitor the room temperature for the squeegees. Extreme heat and cold can distort a squeegee.

More information on how to order SmoothBlade squeegees.

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