PTFE/pp/nylon liquid filter bag

Industrial filter bag manufacturers offer liquid filter bags with all materials and sizes and with different processing, with customized service available.

Introduction and features of liquid filter bags

Liquid filter bags are indispensable for bag filters which are made of PP, PE, or nylon, and sealed by heat or stitch, with deep filtration structure and good integrity.

10 20 30 micron filter bag

As one of the professional industrial liquid filter bag manufacturers, Hawach has PTFE/PP/nylon liquid filter bag for you to choose from, and PE, NMO filter bags as well; 10/20/30 micron filter bags and other sizes are all available in Hawach.

Collar extension of liquid filter bags provided by filter bag manufacturers is made of stainless steel, galvanized steel ring, PP, PE, or Dacron, with special welding and sewing technology(which can be customized according to customers’ requirement as well).

Industrial filter bag manufacturers use flament fiber in liquid filter bags; the surface of liquid filter bags are treated with special singeing processing to reduce depilation and pollution to liquid; fluffy and uniform 3D filtration layer has excellent capture for solid and colloidal solids; high strength material ensures steady filtration efficiency and longer service life.

Application of PTFE/pp/nylon liquid filter bag

Filtration of oil and impurities in the petrochemical industry;
Filtration of sugar, spices, juice, and tea in the food industry;
Recovery of precious ingredients and clarification filtration in the pharmaceutical industry.

Parameters of 10/20/30 micron liquid filter bags

NO. Pore size Material Sealing type Flow rate Filtration area Size
1# 1um PE Heat sealing and plastic ring 20m³/h 0.25㎡ Φ175mm*430mm
2# 5um PP Stitch sealing and galvanized steel ring 40m³/h 0.5㎡ Φ175mm*810mm
3# 10um Nylon Stitch sealing and stainless steel ring 6m³/h 0.1㎡ Φ108mm*230mm
4# 20um Nylon Stitch sealing and stainless steel ring 12m³/h 0.15㎡ Φ108mm*380mm
5# 20um Nylon Stitch sealing and stainless steel ring 25m³/h 0.3㎡ Φ150mm*510mm

Only quality PTFE/PP/nylon liquid filter bags ensure efficient filtration. Double bag filter with 10/20/30 micron liquid filter bags can be used for gradient filtration or continuous filtration when one filter bag is blocked.

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