Screen Printing Squeegee Blades


Screen Printing Squeegee Blades are one of the essential parts of screen printing. Squeegee blades are available in different shapes (round, beveled and sharp-edged), and hardness (durometers), and therefore in order to get the proper result when printing, the right durometer, thickness, and shape are all required.

Screen Printing Squeegee Blades Information:

Product name Screen Printing Squeegee Blades
Width 5-500mm customize
Thickness  2-30mm customize
Length 100-4000mm customize
Color Red,Green,Yellow,Coffee,White,Blue.etc customize

Screen Printing Squeegee Blades

Screen Printing Squeegee Blades

Screen Printing Squeegee Standard Profiles:

  • E1:Straight Square Edge
  • E2:Single Bevel+Flat tip
  • E3:Single Bevel
  • E4:Double Bevel+Flat tip
  • E5:Double Bevel (V shape)
  • E6:Bull Nose (round top)
  • E7:H shape
  • E8:Triple layer
  • E9:Double laye

Screen Printing Squeegee Blades

Screen Printing Squeegee Blades Advantage:

  • 1. Comfortable design, easy handling
  • 2. Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvents
  • 3. High resistance to heat and pressure
  • 4. 65/75/80 Durometer for Oil Squeezer

Screen Printing Squeegee Blades Application:

The squeegee is popular in textile, decoration cloth printing. It is solvent and middle type pressure resistance.With good performance of resistance to abrasion and water base chemical ,long life with a perfect edge. It is used for low viscosity ink printing.Textile printing,Manual or automatic screen printing machine using. normal hand type printing, such as ceramics, decal paper, and packing materials printing.

Solvent Resistant Screen Printing Squeegee
Usage : Widely used in t-shirt,textiles printing etc.
Feature : Resistant to water-based inks and common solvents.
Standard References :  Soft 65sh A red / Medium 75shA green
Usage : Widely used in UV inks,CD/DVD,disc,glass,ceramic,
package,PCB printing etc.
Feature : It is and all purpose polyurethane blade with good combined resistance to chemicals  and was developed to withstand various applications in screen printing.
Standard References :  Soft 65sh A red / Medium 75shA green
Usage : Widely used in PCB,Solar panel,touch screen,glass,decal
paper printing etc.
Feature : It is a special polyurethane blade with exceptioinal combined resistance to chemicals and abrasion.It was developed to withstand the toughest applications in screen printing and to have a long shelf life in most environments,sharpens well.
Storage of squeegee : Squeegee need to be put in dry and cool warehouse for long time storage.Newly purchased squeegees,
you'd better rotate to use it ,after daily use,just clean the solvent on the squeegee surface,keep the squeegee edge upward.
Usage : Widely used in UV inks,glass,ceramic,PCB and electronics
printing etc.
Feature : Raw material from Taiwan,super solvent resistant,
abrasion resistant,longer service life,anti-static.
Triple Layer
Triple sof 65/90/65 shA Red/White/Red Advantages.
Good resistance to chemicals & abrasion.
Resistance to abrasion.
Sharpens easy.
Color coded for easy identification.
High environment stability.
Individual package and batch Applications

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Screen Printing Squeegee Blades
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