Screen Printing Squeegee MK-PU100


Screen Printing Squeegee blades MK-PU100: has a good solvent resistance, wear resistance, temperature and humidity resistance.  But not repairable.The general pattern of printing, mainly used for manual printing.

Color Red,Green,Yellow,Coffee,White,Blue.etc   customize
Width 5-500mm customize
Thickness 2-30mm customize
Length 100-4000mm customize
Hardness Soft :55,60,65 shore A 
Medium:70,75 shore A    
Hard:80,85 shore A
Super hard:90,95 shore A
Standard Size Width(mm)x thickness(mm)*length(mm)
20* 5, 7 , 8 , 9* 3660, 4000
25 x 5, 7 , 8 , 9 *3660,4000
30 x 5, 7 , 8 , 9 *3660,4000
40 x 5, 7 , 8 , 9 *3660,4000
50 x 5, 7 , 8 , 9 , 10*3660,4000
Screen printing squeegee blades
Screen Printing Squeegee blades

How to Choose

How to choose screen printing squeegee hardness?

Soft squeegee(55,60 ) :used for moderate pressure, low mesh density, low ink viscosity. It also used for irregular shape products, glass, ceramic surface, etc. 

Medium squeegee(65,70,75) :used for high pressure printing, for normal type T-shirt.

Hard squeegee(80,85) :used for higher pressure and ink viscosity. Normally fine mesh printing. 

Super hard squeegee(90,95): used for highest pressure and ink viscosity.

How to choose screen printing squeegee edge selection?

Flat-type squeegee is widely used in printing of ordinary materials such as paper and textile printing. This type of squeegee gluing and printing materials adaptability moderate, the greatest pressure, the ink is scraped off the screen rather than under pressure through the screen, so the minimum ink over, flat-type squeegee is the thickness of the line printing and dot printing Ideal for Ink ink level is smaller, the finer print image.

Sharp-type plastic squeegee in the printing of glass and plastic bottles can control the flow of ink well. Double blunt type plastic scraper can better control the printing angle, sharp-edged plastic scraper is also suitable for fine printing on textiles.

Groove-type squeegee used in container printing. The contact complex with the surface of an irregular object is especially good, controlling the amount of ink flowing.


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