Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar


Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar Description:

Applicable industries: touch screen industry (cover printing, TP module printing), photovoltaic industry (cell printing), microelectronics industry (resistance printing, oxygen sensor printing, through-hole printing, PCB circuit board industry), automotive industry (dashboard Printing, interior parts printing, IML in-mold forming), home appliance panel industry (face-printing, IMD in-mold injection printing, crystal glass printing, film switch), light guide board industry (liquid crystal module, panel light), label (electronic tag, radio frequency tag RFID)

1.Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar 

The traditional squeegee is all urethane rubber, which is printed for a long time,After the squeegee absorbs the solvent in the ink, the hardness is reduced, the expansion deformation, the printing angle α is unstable, and it is not suitable for precision screen printing. The Fiber Glass Board Squeegee is combined with the glass fiber board and the scraping glue, which has the elasticity of the scraping rubber and the support line of the glass fiber board. The long-time printing can maintain a stable printing angle and the printing ink thickness is uniform.


2.Size and hardness 

2.1 Size 

SPS-FGB-SL-Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar3


Code L a b f c d R
Size 180 9.2 50 1.6 15 20 2.5
Tolerance ±1 ±0.3 ±0.5 ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.5 ±0.5

2.2 Hardness 

Different hardness corresponds to different colors

Polyurethane squeegee type M
Cyan—62±3 Hardness Tester

 3.1 Material 

3.2 Polyurethane rubber 

Polyurethane rubber made in Japan 

3.1.1 Physical properties

Project Unit Squeegee type M
colour   Cyan 62A Green 70A Blue 75A Yellow 83A
hardness JIS-A 62±3 70±3 75±3 83±3
100% stretchability MPa 2.52 2.77 3.70 5.89
200% stretchability MPa  3.72 4.09 5.38 8.63
300% stretchability MPa 6.50 5.85 7.38 11.1
Maximum stretching MPa 35.1 24.6 17.2 11.7
Tensile limit % 632 563 521 523
Breaking strength KN/m 45.4 55.5 67.7 81.5

3.1.2 Chemical solvent resistance

Test time: 7 Days

Test solvent: xylene, methyl ethyl ketone

Test items: hardness change, quality change

 3.2 Fiberglass board 

The high quality fiberglass board has uniform thickness, good elasticity and chemical resistance.

MK-AS-SL-Carbon Squeegee For Sola11

4.Production process 

The entire process from receiving an order to shipping


5.Packaging, storage 

5.1 packaging 

Paper package 


SPS-FGB-SL-Fiber Glass Board Squeegee For Solar6

5.2 storage 

①Store indoors at 40℃or lower, do not store in high temperature and high humidity, direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. (Recommended storage conditions: 23℃±2℃, humidity 60% or lower) 

②Do not store near heat-generating equipment or dusty places. 

③It is forbidden to bend and press, stack it straight, stack no more than 20PCS. 

④The scraping rubber is stored at a low temperature for a long time, and can not be used immediately after being moved to the workshop. It should be placed at 25℃for more than 3 hours before use. 

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