MK900 Automatic Scraper Grinding Machine


MK900 Automatic Scraper Grinding Machine Introduction

This machine is suitable for screen printing, domestic, imported scraping rubber, widely used in the screen printing industry, packaging, advertising, glass, ceramics, electronic accessories, surface printing squeegee used. The machine is novel in design, reasonable in structure, effective in working area, full in function, simple in operation, convenient in maintenance and adjustment, high in reliability, low in energy consumption, and high in production efficiency.

MK900 Automatic Scraper Grinding Machine Performance and characteristics

1.MK900 Automatic Scraper Grinding Machine is a special equipment for screen printing and grinding.

2. This machine adopts imported gold steel wheel, linear guideway,

3.Special grinding design, high grinding precision, no extrusion between grinding wheel and squeegee, no deformation of squeegee, easy installation and disassembly of grinding wheel;

4. The squeegee out of grinding is as good as new waveless;

5. Can grind water and oil scraper scraping and flat scraping; grinding angle of 90 °, in order to meet the performance of a variety of special print,

6.Easy to use / automatic pass / stable performance, smooth grinding wheel speed, good grinding effect.

7. The machine can be equipped with dust collection device to reduce industrial pollution, which is conducive to the health of the staff and the maintenance of the equipment.

8. The machine is easy to operate and does not require professional technology to operate

The main technical indicators

1. Grinding motor: 0.35KW

2. Drive motor: 60W

3. Vacuum cleaner motor: 0.95KW

4. Grinding size: 900MM

5. Grinding angle: 90°

6. Total power: 1.36KW

7. Total power: 380V 50HZ/Black is neutral, yellow is ground, and the other 3 are Firewire. Green grinding motor switch

8. Speed: 2850r/min

9. Fine tuning before and after: 0-10CM

10. Dimensions: 1500*550*930mm(L*W*H).

11. Green switch is to control the grinding motor, the knob is to adjust the speed of the left and right motor, the switch below the knob is to control the left and right walking motor.

MK900 Automatic Scraper Grinding Machine Main institutions and functions

1. Body structure

The body is sturdy, the structure is reasonable, the surface is painted, beautiful and corrosion resistant.

2. Power supply

This machine adopts two-phase power as the main power, which is convenient for placing. The main control electrical components are imported and domestic famous brands.


This machine adopts imported linear guide rails and round-axis slide rails. The surface of the slide rail is high in anti-wear and so on.

4. Dust suction device

This machine adopts high-power vacuum cleaner, plus a unique design, clean the vacuum, the power of vacuum can be selected according to the requirements.

5. Grinding

 This machine adopts imported gold steel wheel, forward grinding, guaranteeing high quality of grinding;

6. Voice control

This machine is cleverly designed, using imported originals, no noise, giving everyone a quiet working environment;

Equipment installation and commissioning 

1.Mechanical part

The machine requires ventilated dry and non-corrosive media;

2. Drive chain

Elasticity adjustable, remove the knife platform can be adjusted;

3. Electrical parts

When the machine is installed, the commissioning personnel must carefully check whether the electrical components are loose, fall off, whether the wiring is correct, tighten, and find the problem in time to correct;

MK900 Automatic Scraper Grinding Machine Mill operation steps

1. The scraper needs to be ground on the top of the platform, clamping and straightening;

2. Open the drive motor switch, fine-tune the front and rear, adjust the distance between the scraper and the diamond wheel; ensure that the two sides of the scraper are the same as the position of the diamond wheel; if the scraper and the diamond wheel are dislocated upwards and downwards, adjust the fine adjustment from top to bottom;

3. Open the vacuum cleaner switch;

4. Open the grinding motor and grind it according to the requirements;

5. When the grinding starts, the speed of the drive motor can be adjusted quickly. The speed should be the slowest when grinding to the last knife; ensure that the squeegee that is ground is smooth and free of waves;

6. In the normal grinding process, the thickness of the grinded squeegee should be kept between 0.1-0.3mm. If the squeegee is too thick at one time, grinding of the motor may occur. Turn off the power immediately to adjust the grind thickness of the squeegee.

7. Turn off the drive motor, turn off the grinding motor and turn off the vacuum cleaner.


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MK900 Automatic Scraper Grinding Machine

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