Screen Printing Squeegee Blade Triple Durometer 60/90/60


Squeegee Blade Triple Durometer 60/90/60

Screen printing squeegee blades Triple Durometer 60/90/60 - is of the highest quality rubber squeegees in the screen printing industry. our squeegees are made out of top grade polyurethane elastomers, made to last longer than most other squeegees.

Highlights for Squeegee Blade Triple Durometer:

Extremely solvent resistant- you may clean with solvent cleaners our the screen printing squeegee blades without softening or damaging our squeegee

Durable so that they produce more prints- longer run most squeegee

Smooth edges, very uniform - they give you uniform ink deposit

Edges are sharp and well-defined surface

Uniform without defects

Screen printing squeegee blades Sizes:

- One roll has 144 inches of the squeegee

- One roll has 72 inches of the squeegee

Durometer shore hardness:

- 60/90/60 triple squeegee duro (rolls of 144" preferable)

SPECIFICATION:Thickness: .375" (9.5mm)=3/8 Width: (50mm)= 2 Inch


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