The choice of nylon mesh screens


The choice of nylon mesh screensNylon mesh screens are produced by exerting high quality domestic and imported raw material, advanced weaving looms and test equipments, and the width is appropriate to various situations. It is precisely because the strictness in raw material selection and the quite admirable dimensional stability that makes up the nylon mesh.


Nylon screening mesh material is an superior choice for many aquaculture and laboratory uses, including filtration of unwanted organisms, brine shrimp culture, larval fish and clam culture as well as pipe screens, filter bags and nets. Nylon is resistant to bacteria, cleaners, acids and insects. 


At the meanwhile, our nylon mesh screens contain no UV inhibitors and the other hazardous subtances. The nylon mesh has the required diathermancy and air permeability for the printing and filtration industries. We sincerely welcomes you to purchase our nylon mesh screens.

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